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An Evening of Confession – Wednesday, March 4th

All parishes in the Diocese will be open for Confession from 5pm – 8pm
Use the Parish Locator in the right-hand column to find the parish nearest you.

Why Confession?
Confession is an opportunity to feel the presence of healing and to restore us into a full, whole and holy relationship with God.  It is an opportunity to feel a graced moment on our spiritual journey.  “God’s forgiveness is strong.”

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Confession – A Simple Guide
God’s love is stronger than any sin,” Pope Francis reminds us.  Often Catholics will describe incredible feelings of peace, joy, relief and love as Jesus offers his mercy and welcomes them back.

Haven’t been to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a while?  Download this simple guide to preparing and receiving the sacrament by click HERE.

Click here for an article from Catholic News Services about preparing for the sacrament if you haven’t been in a while.

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