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To better assist parishes who utilize the social media platform, Facebook, please consider using the following suggestions on your parish, school or institution’s Facebook page.

The most shared and viewed posts on Facebook are images or pictures.

Parishes could also take a picture of their confessional with a parishioner standing at the door (smiling) so that those who come to your parish will recognize the setting and see a friendly face to welcome them.

You can download the images on this page for your social media accounts:




It would also be a good idea write a description to accompany that image.  We would suggest something similar to:

Join us on Wednesday, March 4th for “An Evening of Confession” from 5-8pm.  For more information go to www.welcomecatholics.com

In addition, you may want to use a simple post:

Join us for An Evening of Confession on Wednesday, March 4th from 5-8pm.  All parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland will be open.  More information is available at www.welcomecatholics.com


Embedding Videos:
A couple weeks before the March 4th event, the Diocese will begin airing ads on TV and radio to invite Catholics to An Evening of Confession.  The videos will be available via YouTube and make a great post on Facebook.  The direct link for the videos (once created) will be posted here.  Simply copy and paste the video URL into your Facebook status update and it will enable the video to be placed directly on Facebook.

As the date draws near, consider increasing the frequency of your reminders and remember to posts and tweets at times when your fans are online (generally in the early evening before 8pm).

For assistance in promoting this event via your parish’s or school’s facebook page, please contact Jeff Stutzman, Social Media Coordinator at jstutzman@dioceseofcleveland.org.