Why Confession?

Confession is an opportunity to feel the presence of God’s love and mercy.  It is an occasion to feel a graced moment on our spiritual journey.

Confession is an opening to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  After we have confessed our sins, received guidance and penance from the priest, we receive a blessing and absolution.   In that blessing we are reminded that our sins are forgiven. “How good it feels to come back to him when we are lost” Pope Francis tells us.  We are reminded of how much God loves us and we are challenged to do our best to avoid sin and live in God’s love.

In the words of Pope Francis, “the joy of God is the joy of forgiveness.”  Often Catholics will describe incredible feelings of peace, joy, relief and love as Jesus offers his mercy and welcomes them back.

Jane Radis shares her personal story on returning to the faith through the Evening of Confession